Black Lives Matter Protests in Forest Hills the Last Weekend Before NYC Reopens

Journal Days 78 and 79: Life in my little corner of Queens, NYC, during the age of the Coronavirus, weekend of June 6 & 7, 2020

Jorie Mar
3 min readJun 8, 2020


There were Black Lives Matter rallies and marches in the neighborhood both days this weekend. Saturday started with a small rally at the police station, where people were singing:

© 2020 Jorie Mar

Later there were marches on Austin Street and Queens Boulevard from Kew Gardens to Forest Hills, which I didn’t see because I was taking a walk elsewhere.

I went to the Gardens, where I saw flowers …

… and got caught in a brief thunderstorm:

Station Square in the rain © 2020 Jorie Mar

It was 88 degrees and humid, the first really hot and humid day of the year, and I was exhausted when I got home. It was worth it, though, because for the first time in months, I walked with another human without insisting they walk across the street. Yes, that’s crazy, but I’ve been skittish and practicing super-extreme social distancing because I’m so nervous about catching the virus; I have a somewhat elevated risk as a senior who used to smoke. Most of all, I’m a big baby when it comes to pain.

But the infection-rate curve in New York City has been dropping like a rock, and I’m trying to start to rewind — slowly — and go back towards normal. It’s hard to say how normal things can be for me, though, without being able to get on the subway, and I don’t think I’m going to be doing that anytime soon. Until then, I can go only as far as my feet can take me.

Self-portrait of my foot (picture was taken by accident) ©2020 Jorie Mar

Today there was another march on Queens Boulevard.

Marchers on Queens Blvd. © 2020 Sara Kobocow

This one was going in the opposite direction of Saturday’s march, heading east from Forest Hills to Kew Gardens:

© 2020 Sara Kobocow

Later, in a separate event, there was a small rally in Forest Hill’s MacDonald Park:

© 2020 Jorie Mar
© 2020 Jorie Mar

I watched for a while from a distance but am still avoiding being in crowds.

The CVS drugstore on Queens Blvd. had boarded up its windows …

… but that was not necessary because everything was so peaceful.

A good change is coming. I’m convinced of it.

Today, the last day of the lockdown, ended with another spectacular sunset. I took this picture just a few minutes ago:

Wow © 2020 Jorie Mar

Maybe it’s a good omen for the future.



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