The Eleventh Plague

Journal Day 19: Life in my little corner of NYC in the age of the Coronavirus, Thursday, April 9, 2020

Jorie Mar
2 min readApr 10, 2020
Homes and tree in evening light © 2020 Jorie Mar

Tonight was the second night of Passover. I went to a Zoom seder put on by a friend’s temple, which was very nice. It was fairly traditional, except they added the new plague of the Coronavirus to the usual ten.

Alley © 2020 Jorie Mar

In the afternoon, I spent hours dealing with Social Security but finally was able to submit my application! Maybe it was a holiday miracle. Still a few more steps to go, but I think I’m on my way.

Sunset © 2020 Jorie Mar

I did some calculations and found (if my math was correct) that if I waited longer to start collecting Social Security, even though my monthly payments would be higher (much higher if I waited until age 70), it would take 10 more years until I would pull ahead by taking the later option. So that made me feel more confident that I was making the right decision for my situation, even though the financial gurus usually say to wait.

I spotted another Fresh Direct truck today. That’s two in two days! Another holiday miracle. © 2020 Jorie Mar

There was a torrential downpour early this afternoon. The sun came out after that, but it was still windy.

And now it’s already 10:30 p.m. Another day just zipped by. How can the days go by so fast when it seems like the shut down has lasted for years?



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