Photo by author © 2020

November sunset (photo by the author © 2020)

My plan was to watch the Republican Convention every night and then do snarky (but reasonably accurate) recaps. But last night, I only got as far as watching the first hour and a half, and then I couldn’t bear any more. I was going to take a break and get back to it later, but look, here it is Tuesday evening, and the second night of the convention has already begun. Life is short; conventions are long.

Screenshots of Convention by author

So this is what happened in the first half of the first evening. It was diversity night, with women, Blacks, and Hispanics —…

I haven’t been out in a few days. Finally got out this evening and saw that the damage from Tuesday’s storm still hasn’t been all cleaned up.

A tree crashed right on top of a car on Austin Street, and it was still there this evening.

© 2020 Jorie Mar

Across the street were branches sawn off of trees— maybe including the one on the car. There were piles of them all along the street on that side.

I’m taking shorter walks now that it’s gotten hotter and more humid. I didn’t go outside at all yesterday (except to pace on the terrace), so I was overdue today.

The sunset was spectacular again:

© 2020 Jorie Mar

The painted stone in this pretty garden says “Be Kind”:

The sky was dramatic after the late afternoon thunderstorm:

Looking west from Queens towards Manhattan © 2020 Jorie Mar

In the Gardens, kids and adults paint rocks with hopeful words and leave them out for all to see.

Believe There Is Good in the World © 2020 Jorie Mar

On Monday, the city will start Phase 2, which allows outdoor dining, haircuts, and office work — though I’m still too skittish to do any of those right away.

Meanwhile, I’m still walking:

It’s Day 1 for the NYC reopening and the 100th day since the first “official” coronavirus case (though the first actual cases were probably a couple of months before that) . The Times has some good pictures taken around the city of what the first day of Phase 1 looks like.

When I went on my walk today, I saw workers making repairs in the Gardens. This kind of work wouldn’t have been allowed before the reopening unless it was considered essential:

© 2020 Jorie Mar

The danger is not over, yet, though, and we still have to be careful. Masks are still a…

There were Black Lives Matter rallies and marches in the neighborhood both days this weekend. Saturday started with a small rally at the police station, where people were singing:

© 2020 Jorie Mar

Later there were marches on Austin Street and Queens Boulevard from Kew Gardens to Forest Hills, which I didn’t see because I was taking a walk elsewhere.

I went to the Gardens, where I saw flowers …

Jorie Mar

Semi-hopeful New Yawka. Baby boomer. Inactive attorney. Content mill veteran. Aspiring humor writer. Twitter: @semihopeful

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